Pain in the Corner of the Mouth due to Cracks

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Pain in the Corner of the Mouth due to Cracks

Postby Guptil » Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:03 am

I notice cracked skin at the corner of my mouth for about few days or so and its really painful at times. I notice this problem with my cousin too few years back. Is it some sort of deficiency or an allergic reaction? What would have caused this and what are some home remedies to get relief from it?

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Re: Pain in the Corner of the Mouth due to Cracks

Postby Ruther » Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:20 am

Cracking at the corners of the mouth is a familiar condition that's frequently being addressed by both dentists as well as dermatologists. The symptom is known as perleche or angular chelitis. Perleche is found usually in children and younger adults who drool in their sleep and/or have orthodontic braces. Cracking at the corners of the mouth, and following licking to keep them damp, sets the stage for infection.

The reasons could be -

dry lips and skin (especially during dry winter weather!)
allergic reaction to some material (especially products used around the lips, like lip gloss/stick/balm, as well as dental care/oral hygiene merchandises, like toothpaste)
Due to the numerous possible causes, treatment for angular cheilitis/Perleche could vary - At your home, you can try applying petroleum jelly, that may help with dryness. You can even make use of a small dab of hydrocortisone lotion, an antiinflammatory one. Put on the lotion on the place two to three times each day (at meals and at nighttime).

You will need to consult your physician in the event you do not see progress from either treatment in under a week, or if the place becomes more bloated more reddish, or very uncomfortable

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Re: Pain in the Corner of the Mouth due to Cracks

Postby Veruska » Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:36 am

Cracks or sores in the corner of the mouth can be rather annoying, like a paper cut — small, and irritating. Put some coconut oil on your lips it will help them heal, as well as locking in moisture and preventing any infections.

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