Chapped lip causes and how to heal them naturally?

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Chapped lip causes and how to heal them naturally?

Postby Natural » Sat Dec 17, 2016 8:55 am

Causes of Chapped Lips -

One of the most popular reason is licking your lips too frequently. Spit removes moisture from your lips, leaving them flaky and flaked. Habitual licking additionally removes the protective fattylayer in your lips.

An excessive amount of caffeine is just another cause.

Winter winds also can get your grin vanish. The cold weather leads to drier skin.

Paradoxically, lip balms are to blame. Lip balms with alcohol content for example menthol and phenol may cause skin to dry.

The sodium lauryl sulfate frequently added to create lather has a drying effect.

Allergy to some metals like nickel and cobalt also can cause your lips to break.

Treatments -

Here are natural and some simple methods to heal your chapped and dry lips:

Glycerin -

Glycerin helps you to increase the moisture degree of skin. It's among the most effective natural humectants, which alleviate dryness by sealing in the wetness that is needed. Attempt before going to sleep, applying few drops of glycerin. This speed up the healing procedure may fix the damaged tissues, and protect the lips from climate states.

Sugar -

Exfoliating dead cells may help re-establish their natural softness quicker.

Put on the paste to your own lips and allow it to sit for several minutes.
Then use your fingers to lightly rub the mixture in your lips.
Wash it off.

Honey -

Honey is an excellent moisturizer that also has antibacterial and healing properties to take care of chapped lips.

Just apply many times a day to pure all-natural honey in your chapped lips.
You apply it before going to sleep to appreciate softer lips each day and can also create a paste of honey and glycerin.

Coconut Oil -

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer which will help treat chapped lips due to dry or cold weather. Just use pure coconut oil many times a day in your lips to help keep them damp. Olive oill can be also used by you.

Rose Petals -

This treatment may help your lips remain moisturized while also improving their exquisite colour.

Wash some of rose petals completely in water. Soak the petals in milk to get several hours.
Mash the rose petals right into a heavy paste.
Put on the paste in your dry lips every night prior to going to sleep and two to three times a day.

Castor Oil -

Castor oil is just another great treatment for chapped and dry lips.

You can even create a soothing treatment using a couple of drops of fresh lemon juice, one teaspoon of glycerin as well as one teaspoon of castor oil. Blend well before going to sleep, and apply it upon your lips.

Water -

Assess your water consumption if dehydration is the reason behind your difficulty. Be sure to keep hydrated constantly, and recall that pop, tea, juice, and coffee aren't replacements (they can in fact make the problem worse).

Sunblock -

When UV rays are most powerful should you be going out, then put on a high quality sunscreen to protect your lips.

Iron Nutritional Supplements -

For those who have tried several treatments to no avail, then maybe you happen to be experiencing low iron anemia, or a low red blood cell count.

Consult a physician test for iron deficiency in case these fit your symptoms.

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Re: Chapped lip causes and how to heal them naturally?

Postby Mandy » Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:37 pm

I find that most of the times when my lips get dry is because I am not drinking enough water. If I stay hydrated then I usually don't have a problem with chapped lips. If I have to apply something to them, I always use a natural lip balm.

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