Pregnancy exercises: What you need to know

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Pregnancy exercises: What you need to know

Postby Tripoli » Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:30 pm

How to on Pregnancy Fit Workouts

The adoption of an exercise routine during pregnancy is encouraged by many gynecologists who see it as a way in which the health of the mother and the baby is improved and maintained. It is therefore important to discuss with a gynecologist on the best exercise plan to adopt and the workouts that are safe. Most times, the pregnancy workouts that are recommended depend on the level of fitness of the soon to be mother before her pregnancy. For women that have a regular exercise routine, there is usually a number of adjustments made while for those who are starting out there will be need to create one.

Although, exercising when pregnant is encouraged it is important to know the ones which are beneficial and those that could harm both the baby and the mother. The pregnancy exercises recommended usually vary depending on the trimester in which the mother is in, with less exercise being done near the time of giving birth. These exercises are given a “green light” because they pose a minimal risk to the mother or baby and the entire body benefits from them.

Pregnancy workouts that are recommended by many doctors are walking which can be intensified gradually depending on what the pregnant woman can handle. Swimming is also a good way to exercise as it works on most of the body muscles, cycling on a stationary bicycle and aerobics that have low impact are also recommended. However, it is important that over exertion during exercise should be avoided and a workout should be stopped as soon as the body gets tired. Some of the signals that expectant mothers should watch out for when involved in exercise are inability to breath well, fatigue, heart palpitations, dizziness and pain in the pelvis or back among others.

Pregnancy exercises have a lot of benefits attached to them for both the mother and their unborn baby and should be done as regularly as possible. Some of these benefits include:

First, exercising during pregnancy uplifts the mood and makes you feel much better especially with all the changes taking place on the body. Even as the workouts increase the energy level they can also relieve the discomfort brought about by backaches, constipation and stress. Furthermore, pregnant women who exercise tend to look much better because of the increased blood flow resulting in healthy glowing skin.

Second, the body of a pregnant woman is prepared for birth through regular exercise as the muscles are strengthened and the heart becomes fit. This means that in the event that there is prolonged labor, a woman that has been exercising will most likely endure more than one who was not exercising.

Finally, pregnancy exercises help the body to regain back its shape once the baby is born especially if the mother had been working out even before the pregnancy.

Overall, working out during pregnancy should be seen as part and parcel of a healthy pregnancy journey for any soon to be mother.

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