Thinking of Pregnancy after Miscarriage?

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Thinking of Pregnancy after Miscarriage?

Postby Tripoli » Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:33 pm

For any woman on earth, it is surely the hardest thing to experience an unexpected miscarriage. Perhaps no other incidents can ever writhe her heart more other than hearing her doctor saying that she has had a miscarriage. A lot of women find it pretty hard to cope up with such a brutal reality, and rightly be so it is indeed an incident of substantial mental torment. But, considering all the agonizing reality, they even look for pregnancy after miscarriage. It is only through a bundle of joy that she will ever be able to surpass the grief.

However, opting to be pregnant after facing a miscarriage could be confusing and as well as scary. Past memories are sure to come back and haunt her like anything. So, it is essential for a couple to consult a reputed medical practitioner about the related options and risks before they get ready for the second time. Doctors can even help a couple to conceive properly and negate the risks of a second miscarriage. Also whether or not the couple requires any medicinal tests could be ascertained by them.

Most doctors are of the opinion that conceiving right after the miscarriage will not bring about any fruitful results. On the contrary, it can just create more problems. Most of their advice involve maintaining a gap ranging from six months to one year. This time is required for the body to make all the necessary arrangements to be ready once again. So, it is clear that chances of pregnancy after miscarriage are not at all lost. Rather, it is very much possible. The previous miscarriage is only due to the fact that the body was not at all prepared for the drastic changes.

However, before moving on you need to be sure of few basic facts. Most women tend to develop an infection and it is one of the primary reasons of experiencing a miscarriage. So, before you are getting ready to be pregnant once again after a miscarriage, be sure that you are infection free. In case you have a few subsequent miscarriages, your doctor might ask you to go for a few tests. This could take a couple of months of time to complete the entire diagnosis process.

In a recent study it has been revealed that 85 per cent of the women, who have faced a miscarriage during the first time, are able to conceive once again to full term. And 75 per cent of the women who experienced miscarriages for more than once eventually moved on to conceive again. A highest degree of care and an emotional support is all that is required to determine an effective outcome. The doctor’s advise and a proper care will surely help a woman to experience pregnancy after miscarriage once again.

So, if you are planning to conceive after facing a miscarriage, be sure that with proper medical help and advice you will definitely have a healthy pregnancy.

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Re: Thinking of Pregnancy after Miscarriage?

Postby Vinaya » Sat Jul 02, 2016 5:50 pm

We are exactly in this situation.Couple of months ago my wife had a miscarriage. My wife is already 31 and we are thinking to have kids, however we are afraid to try. The trauma haunts us. I have finally been able to rationalize the situation, however, my wife still feels miserable when we talk about having baby. No matter how I hard I try to assure her that, it will not repeat, my wife is still haunted by the fear.

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