Miscarriage Causes – Possible Symptoms of Early Miscarriage

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Miscarriage Causes – Possible Symptoms of Early Miscarriage

Postby Tripoli » Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:40 pm

An early miscarriage is the one that is lost before 10-20 weeks of pregnancy. The reason of the miscarriage can be varied. It can be an accident or a natural reaction in a body that may force the fetus out of the uterus. Generally, the cause is not known. Most women do not realize and miscarry in early pregnancy. Hence, it is important that you are aware of the symptoms so that you can get medical care accordingly.

Bleeding: Some spotting is common during implantation. However, this spotting is minimal and many pregnancies occur with spotting and almost half of those result in normal pregnancy. Implantation bleeding can occur along with cramps. Nevertheless the cervix is closed. However, when cramping and bleeding occurs with the cervix open then a miscarriage can take place. You must be careful and should seek medical help on an emergency basis if you have these types of bleeding as that can indicate that you are having an early miscarriage.

    - Bright red or brown bleeding that occurs with or without cramping
    - Heavy bleeding that occurs suddenly and worsens with time
    - Bleeding that contains tissue or clots

Cramping: With implantation some mild cramping is quite normal and in most cases it continues during pregnancy as it tries to accommodate a growing fetus. Normal cramping is transitory and mild. However, if it becomes severe then you must call your doctor immediately. If you experience the following then it can indicate that you are having or have had an early miscarriage.

    - Severe cramps that are worse than menstrual cramps
    - Pain is at the back and continues for more than few moments
    - The cramping is coupled with heavy bleeding

Mucus or Fluid: Fluid coming out of your vagina can be a serious cause for concern. If the fluid is white-pink in color then it may be placental tissue. It is recommended that you conserve that tissue in a clean air-tight pot and seek medical help immediately. A sudden gush of mucus or fluid can indicate a miscarriage. So, visit your doctor right away.

Some other general symptoms of miscarriage causes include:

    - Weight Loss
    - No heart beat on ultrasound

Older women are at greater risk for miscarriages. Every 1 woman out of two who is conceiving at the age of 40 has a chance of miscarriage. Sometimes, it can also occur due to the environmental factors.

A woman is at a higher risk if she has any habits such as smoking and drinking. Then again, if she suffers from thyroid or diabetes or any sexually transmitted diseases then she might have an early miscarriage.

If you know that you are pregnant and note the symptoms given above then you must seek evaluation from a health care provider. It is also important that you seek medical attention if the above symptoms occur. This is essential to know because it will affect how your doctor takes care of your pregnancies later on.

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Re: Miscarriage Causes – Possible Symptoms of Early Miscarriage

Postby Vinaya » Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:01 am

My wife had a miscarriage couple of months ago. It was 6 weeks pregnancy. The miscarriage gave us such as trauma that we are not planning another baby yet. The doctor did not have answer for why the miscarriage occurred, we had done every precaution to protect our baby. We ran several tests including Thyroid and Prolactin. Nothing seemed a problem.

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