Fatty Acid Deficiency Symptoms

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Fatty Acid Deficiency Symptoms

Postby Lizzy » Mon Jun 20, 2016 9:12 am

Fatty Acid Deficiency

The first hint of fatty acid deficiency is shivering and a cold chill. When you're stressed or when you shiver you liberate fatty acids in the membrane. The fatty acids are made into crisis sugar. The porous membranes let in toxins and virus, so fatty acids deficiency is the main reason for cold and flu. Flu is not same, although so you can get a CHILLY from Fatty Acid Deficiency.

In a COLD you shiver, sweat, feel feeble, and not high. Now you might be much more susceptible to some virus. The Simple COLD virus now expands the symptoms but will not destroy too many cells. Flu is a virus that if permitted to get dextrose and started from FA deficiency, will ruin mass
quantities of cells. These flu viruses can destroy large areas of human cells.

First Signs of Fatty Acid Deficiency

Feeling of chill or cold


Brain Fatigue


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