Pneumonia Symptoms

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Pneumonia Symptoms

Postby Farmgirl91 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:18 pm

Hi guys,

Just a bit of advice wanted really. I've just turned 26 on the 21st of March. On Jan 27th of this year I was diagnosed with Pneumonia. I was treated with 2 antibiotics for a week, it cleared up well, and seemed to be fine.

Several weeks ago I started getting chest pains where the Pneumonia was (my left lung). I thought nothing of it until I started to get a tight chest too. I did have a virus recently where I was shivering and couldn't eat much but this quickly cleared up, but the chest tightness and shortness of breath and pains continued.

I went to the doctors and they did blood tests and a chest x-ray, all of which came back clear, which is good, but am still getting the pains and tight chestedness/shortness of breath. Some periods throughout the day it's much worse than others. I feel like I'm going mad as there's nothing to suggest there is anything wrong, but it really does panic me.

Do the symptoms come and go for a while? Is it because I've had a virus and its flared my chest up a bit? Any advice would be great.

Thank you,


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