How to Remove Zit Scars on Lips?

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How to Remove Zit Scars on Lips?

Postby roger » Fri Dec 16, 2016 12:35 pm

Home Treatments To Get Rid Of Scars From Lips
Several home remedies are useful to deal with scars. But, the scars may disappear according to its severity.

- Apply vitamin E oil that is easy to get in break or bottle apply on the lip and open one capsule of vitamin E oil. Routine use will fade lip scar away.
- Olive oil application or coconut is advantageous in reducing scar occurring after acne or after wounds. Massage for five to ten minutes together with your finger.
- A mixture of honey and lemon juice is just another alternative for removing scar. Allow the layer that is thin stay for half an hour before you wash your lips.
- Some lip scars are old and deep. They can be tenacious scars that might need more intensive dermatological process. You physician may recommend several alternatives. Using retinol lotion on the scar is in reducing its visibility, successful method. Because retinoids have power to regenerate skin it's.
- Dermabrasion and chemical peel are other dermatological choices to remove deep scars that are lip. Conceal the scars and now fillers are employed in the lips to produce the lip chubby. Human collagen is added in the scars to disappear them.
- An over the counter retinol lotion to your own scar. Retinols are capable of regenerating your skin to lessen scar visibility. Retinoids are a powerful prescription option to retinols.
- Professional chemical peel will be performed by a dermatologist. As stated by the American Academy of Dermatology, natural acids will be applied by your dermatologist for your face to get rid of the outer layers of skin that is damaged. Chemical peels are incredibly powerful for deeper scars.
- Alpha hydroxy acids exfoliate your skin, causing other facial scars along with lip to disappear, becoming less noticeable with continued use.
- See your dermatologist.

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Re: How to Remove Zit Scars on Lips?

Postby Mandy » Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:08 am

I know I had bad acne as a child and had some scarring on my face. When I got a little older I started putting vitamin E oil on every day and eventually the scars became almost unnoticeable. They didn't go away completely but you really have to look close to see them now.

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How to Remove Zit Scars on Lips

Postby Michaelpak » Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:04 pm

I HATE them Very few people know I self-harm or at least they think I used to. My parents dont know so I always have to hide my scars.

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