Belonephobic !!!

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Belonephobic !!!

Postby yukester » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:00 am

Yes I'm belonephobia :cry: :cry:

Everything was going very soothe until I was diagnosed with diabetes type 1. This week I'm gonna have my first visit to the doctor and honestly, I'm damn scared. I'm not being kiddish juz I'm scared of injections and pointed objects. My mum has scheduled the appointment with the doctor online here in iMedWare ( ). Everything was all in a hush-hush until I saw the appointment confirmation mail in my mum's laptop :roll: I'm stuck with this. I have no idea on how much injection are gonna give me in one single visit and how I'm gonna react see that. Is there anyone who can tell me to deal with belonephobia? Anyone??

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