How to Get Proper Sleep When You are Under Stress?

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How to Get Proper Sleep When You are Under Stress?

Postby Chelsy » Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:53 am

Below are some Tips For a Good Night’s Sleep When You are Under Stress

Herbal treatments -
Several studies reveal that inhaling the aromas of essential oils or plants reduces tension and tension. Sometimes, similar effects are produced by drinking tea produced from the plants.

Color the Wall -
Paint your wall where you plan to sleep with any color of your choice but it should be blank.

Nice Memories -
Think of all those times when you were relaxed and having fun most of the time, and relive those memories.

Sexual Activity -
Sexual activity is a fantastic distraction and often results in stress relief. Ironically, pressure generally makes people not feel like participating in sex, but it might send you away into a pleasant, relaxing slumber.

Create a list -
Write down a list of specific items which are causing your anxiety. Write down some potential options you’ll contemplate. Promise yourself that you have a strategy to deal with them.

Comedy -
Read or listen or show, or see a funny movie to something of comedy in nature. The level of stress hormones released reduces, and increase hormones associated with relaxation.

Muscle Relaxation -
Begin with your head and work to your feet-think about each muscle and rest that muscle. It’s probably some muscles have gotten stressed again, thus do that over and over until your muscles remain relaxed when you’re done.

Pets -
Pets are your pals. Having them around, your pressure levels decreases.

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Re: How to Get Proper Sleep When You are Under Stress?

Postby Mandy » Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:23 pm

As I mentioned in another post, sleep is one thing I don't get enough of because of work. If I have any stress at all it can affect my getting to sleep for hours. One thing that has worked for me is meditating before I go to bed for about a half hour.

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