Help me diagnose my condition here

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Help me diagnose my condition here

Postby GreatestVersion » Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:23 pm

Helli everyone,
So I thought to share my story here basically, short and to the point.
I'm suffering from excessive sweating (Mostly from my palms, feet, armpits and stomach areas).
Now when that happens, almost always the symptoms down here appear at the same time:

-Tingling in my fingertips
-Feeling lightheaded when standing up
-A headache after a while of having these symptoms
-All my body gets very cold and I get goosebumps all over my skin
-I'm hungry all the time
-I can't gain weight no matter how much I eat (I'm very very skinny)
-Mood swings (mild)
-Hard time getting a proper sleep (Some nights, can't fall asleep at all)
-Concentration problems

Now, an amazing, yet the weird thing that I've noticed again and again is that when I'm eating something (Especially something sweet like fruit), the sweating is almost completely gone (My hands gets dry...), I'm feeling relaxed again and most of my symptoms are gone.

I really would like to pinpoint what can cause this kind of symptoms.

All diagnoses would be much appreciated!

Best regards.

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