Massage Treatment for Ear infections in Kids

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Massage Treatment for Ear infections in Kids

Postby Elizabeth » Sat May 07, 2016 6:34 am

This massage technique is to help clear the eustachian tubes and to assist the inner ear. The massage process should be done gently and securely-- not to the point of pain. Reduce pressure, if the child shows signs of pain. This three steps should be Done daily on both ears.

1. Using gentle finger pressure, draw a line from the back of the ear near the mastoid bone down the back of the jaw bone through the saliva gland only at the backside of the jaw bone. Do this on both sides.

2. Gently push the flap of skin in front of the ear (tragus) back over the ear canal until it blocks. Release and repeat in a pumping activity; this creates a suction in the ear.

3. Place the fleshy part of the palm (just below the thumb) over the ear and rotate the Ear in all ways working the cartilage all around. Use a pumping action to work the air out of the ear.

Always do the above steps taking your physician advice.

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Re: Massage Treatment for Ear infections in Kids

Postby HearMeRoar » Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:31 am

Just clean them and keep them dry. Basic rule is that if it's dry but should be wet, moisten it with a towelette. If it's wet and should be dry, wipe it with clean cotton. Nothing too complicated. Just clean off the discharges, and get them to the family pediatrician, and it would be over before you know it. Some instances where irresponsible parents wait until the child falls into a high fever before taking any action, and that's just a terrible way to protect your children. Make sure they are alright, and stop skimping on medical health care.

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