Here are some useful tips to treat an infected ear piercing

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Here are some useful tips to treat an infected ear piercing

Postby Nelson » Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:59 am

You may follow some of the ways to treat an infected ear piercing as below -

1. Rubbing Alcohol

Weather it's a toddler or adult ear piercing disease you're treating, rubbing alcohol is not bad for keeping illness away. A day rubbing it will be an excellent home remedy that can in fact treat this disease.

2. Antibiotics for ear piercing using neosprin

Another manner to readily treat an ear piercing that is infected is by the use antibiotic for ear piercing disease. These are only over the counter or non- tropical lotion like neosporin and description ointments after cleaning it with rubbing alcohol which it is possible to use on the post in addition to on the earlobe, before they can be replaced by you back.

Please not that before using antibiotic pills, you may need to take physicians advice

3. Pain killers

A good idea is to always go for pain relieving drugs if you've got aching pain in your earlobe. Keep in touch with your physician before using these medicines if you have problems with any liver or kidney disorder, stomach ulcers or GI bleeding.

4. Sea saline solution or salt

It is being washed by an easy contaminated ear piercing home remedy you could attempt with sea salt solution or saline solution.

If possible, when using this ears piercing treatment that is contaminated, your entire lope can submerge you simply prepare to ensure it gets into the channel that is piercing.

5. Anti-bacterial soaps

For cases that are moderate, an infected ear piercing can be healed by you by washing the piercing website using an antibacterial soap. This strategy works best if it couple with some of the other treatments like rubbing alcohol or antibiotic ointments after you happen to be through with the cleaning part.

6. Don't use Hydrogen peroxide

There are sources that advocate the utilization of hydrogen peroxide to get rid contaminated ear piercings. Its use is not recommended.

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Re: Here are some useful tips to treat an infected ear piercing

Postby Mandy » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:29 am

The main thing is if your ear does get infected, make sure you take care of it right away. One of my ear lobes got infected and I let it go for a day and now that lobe is a little bigger than the other one. You have to look close to see, but it is.

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Re: Here are some useful tips to treat an infected ear piercing

Postby urbanremedyasia » Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:57 am

Use oil that is used for the stitching machines. Best tip for infected ear piercing...

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