How I fixed my Tennis Elbow

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How I fixed my Tennis Elbow

Postby jonkeo » Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:09 pm

After 1.5 years of Tennis Elbow pain here is the quick answer as what helped me fix Tennis Elbow.

I took 1600-2400 mgs of ibuprofen every day
Dixie cup of ice to rub around elbow after workouts and when convenient
I went to PT for about 8 weeks, 2x a week
Kept my arm active doing whatever exercises I could do that didn't hurt the elbow. Not using the arm doesn't help TE heal.

I'm posting this because of the total frustration I went threw for so long dealing with TE and I would have liked a basic guide to help.

I didn't know what caused my TE but after a few months of avoiding using it and resting it my doc sent me to PT. After about 6 visits to PT I quit and the doc gave me a cortisone shot. It fixed me the next day and for the next 6 months until TE came back. A few months later after more rest and trying to fix it via every TE YouTube video and bought 3 flex bars and elbow braces, doc sent me back to PT. This time I stuck with it all the way through and after about a month of feeling no different, I finally felt something change and I felt I turned a corner and PT was working. I've been off PT now for 2 months and I still feel like my elbow is improving on it's own, it's not 100% today but close to. I was convinced I was going to be in the 5% that need surgery.

I can't stress enough how much being on an ibuprofen regiment, icing and using the arm on exercise machines at the gym really helped with the pain. Test what doesn't hurt at the gym and keep working out. I learned just avoiding using the arm didn't help my TE at all.

My experience with the cortisone shot is it gave me 100% relief for about 6 months. Once it came back I really struggled with the idea of getting a second one because I felt I was only kicking the can down the road and I would need to face the chance of success with a slow rehab via PT eventually. Best of luck with your TE!

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