Stay Healthy during Pregnancy

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Stay Healthy during Pregnancy

Postby Tripoli » Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:27 pm

Guidelines to having a non-complicated pregnancy

Prenatal care is the first step towards a pregnancy that is healthy and should be begin as soon as a woman is confirmed to be pregnant. It is imperative that a doctor confirms whether you are pregnant or not by doing a pregnancy test, which if positive should also give the number of weeks that have elapsed since conception. Most doctors upon learning that you are pregnant will schedule regular visits with you with varied time duration depending on the stages of pregnancy. The prenatal visits comprise of a number of tests which include ultrasounds, blood, cervical and urine whose results are important as the doctor monitors the progress of the baby. Furthermore, the doctor will also check on blood pressure, weight and also the development and growth of the baby.

Diet is also another step towards a pregnancy with no complications because the food being eaten supplies nutrients to the mother, then the baby resulting in a healthy baby at childbirth. Eating healthy should be the goal of any expectant mother and they should incorporate foods such as vegetables, lean meats, fruits, whole-grain breads and dairy products with low fat among others. Some nutrients that are essential when pregnant and can be gotten in a variety of foods or as supplements are calcium, folic acid and iron. The intake of fluids especially water should also be increased as a preventative measure for problems like constipation and also dehydration.

The third step towards a pregnancy that is healthy is moderate exercise especially if the expectant mother has not been involved in vigorous exercise before. It is important to monitor the body when exercising to avoid overdoing it to the extent of injury or pregnancy complications. However, exercise when pregnant brings about benefits such as prevention of excessive weight gain, improved sleep, energy and outlook. Other benefits include better preparation for labor and reduced recovery time. Some of the most common exercises for pregnant women to help improve their health are swimming and brisk walking among others.

Lastly, getting enough sleep also contributes to a healthy pregnancy because the body gets tired quickly due to the activities taking place in it. As the baby continues to develop, sleeping becomes uncomfortable with most expectant mothers being advised to sleep on their side and also use body pillows to support the back and ease pressure.

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Re: Stay Healthy during Pregnancy

Postby OfficialGage » Mon Jun 13, 2016 3:45 pm

What about the severe morning sickness? The severe indigestion? For new moms, the random Braxton Hicks contracts that cause pain? How to control a cold or a stomach virus while you're pregnant? What to do if prenatals are making you sick? Worrying about gaining too much or not enough? What advise would be best suited for these types of questions?

I ask because I see that there aren't many threads for expecting parents.

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Re: Stay Healthy during Pregnancy

Postby Ackee » Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:59 am

I have during pregnancy is very deteriorated teeth, hair began to fall. I have stretch marks on my stomach. I have a lot of time and money spent on the treatment of this. Children - this is a great happiness, but it is better to care of health during the pregrancy)

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Re: Stay Healthy during Pregnancy

Postby Veruska » Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:48 pm

There are some medicines for dental work that are safe during pregnancy. Just check with your doctor and then remind your dentist of what needs to be avoided.

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Stay Healthy during Pregnancy

Postby Franksinly » Sat Apr 06, 2019 11:40 pm

How many coffees a day is healthy? I think 5 espressos in a day would be perfect. That sounds a lot, but a typical large American drip coffee has wayyy more caffeine.

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