How to Heal a Golfers Elbow

Issues related to Shoulder and Elbow pains
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How to Heal a Golfers Elbow

Postby Rosie » Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:46 pm

Golfer's elbow is same as tennis elbow, which happens on the outside the elbow. It is not restricted to golfers. The tennis players and others who clench their fingers & writs more often are prone to golfers elbow issues.

The pain of the elbow of golfer does not have to keep you away or off the class from your favourite tasks. Remainder and proper treatment can get you back to the swing of things.

Treatment -

Apply ice 20 minutes three to four times daily.

A topical drug can help too. This might alleviate swelling and pain in the short term. These treatments don't look to get long term gains.

Physical therapy augment the healing procedure and might aid in alleviating pain. Utilization of prescribed exercises and pain relieving treatments can reduce pressure to the elbow, speed healing, and minimize the hazard of return. Recent innovations in attention using PRP (Plasma Abundant Protein) shots also have demonstrated great promise in healing.

Conservative treatments generally work for golfer's elbow. These processes reduce pain, encourage healing, and can remove damaged portions of a tendon.

For those who can avail a massage therapist as well as a chiropractor, use them

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Re: How to Heal a Golfers Elbow

Postby Mandy » Wed Dec 28, 2016 5:39 am

I didn't know that this could also affect people that play tennis, but I guess that stands to reason. Both sports are similar as you are constantly swinging your arms in the same motion. I have been playing tennis since I was a kid and so far nothing like this has come up. It's good that I know about it now and how to treat it.

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