Why Can't You eat or drink before Surgery?

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Why Can't You eat or drink before Surgery?

Postby Amla » Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:41 am

In the event that you are getting into surgery, you would have been told that you shouldn’t drink or eat for eight to 12 hours before your surgical process. It's extremely essential that you just follow these directions to prevent complications during and following the surgery.

Here are the Reasons Not to Eat or Drink Before Operation -

If your operation will maintain section of your gastrointestinal system, having food in the body could complicate the surgery and result in infection or cause the operation to be canceled. In some instances, a bowel preparation is done, a process that completely empties your digestive tract to prepare for operation.

The mix of anesthesia, which paralyzes the body, and intubation makes it easy for you to inhale the vomit into your lungs. This may cause serious complications, for example pneumonia and difficulty breathing, which may endanger your recovery.

Eating before surgery- Taking food before surgery can also result in vomiting and nausea after operation. Vomiting after surgery could be exceedingly debilitating, as your incision site along with your throat may already be sore in the operation itself.

Your Last Meal Before Operation -
You might be tempted to have a huge meal before you begin your eight to 12-hour fast. Tend not to give into the temptation, as it can certainly entirely defeat the goal of fasting. Instead, have a light meal such as salad and soup for your final meal before surgery. A more substantial meal negates the effect of abstaining from food and drink before surgery and takes longer to digest.

Plan to do this together with the smallest sip of water possible, if your surgeon has said you ought to take your usual medicines on the morning of your operation.

In the event the surgeon hasn't instructed you to accomplish this, if you're unsure call the physician's office or take them with you to the surgical center, do not take your medicine. Take care not to swallow water when you brush your teeth.

Getting Ready for the Surgery -
If you are several days or weeks from operation, attempt to make thin, protein-rich foods, such as seafood, chicken, pork or tofu /legumes and low-fat dairy products a portion of your diet. Protein is an essential section of the healing that takes place after surgery.

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Re: Why Can't You eat or drink before Surgery?

Postby Veruska » Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:58 am

Usually, before having a general anaesthetic, you won't be allowed anything to eat or drink. This is because when you're under anaesthetic, your body's reflexes are temporarily stopped. If your stomach has food and drink in it, there's a risk of vomiting, or regurgitation (bringing up food into your throat).


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